ROYAL CANIN® Weight Management Zone

Is your dog in great shape?  If you’re not sure and want to find out, you have the perfect opportunity whilst you are at the show! ROYAL CANIN® have a team of veterinary nurses offering the extremely popular Healthy Weight Checks for your dog, and it’s free of charge!  Here, your dog will be weighed and the nurse will show you how to use a Body Condition Score Chart, enabling you to determine whether your dog is at a healthy weight and shape. They will also be able to offer you tailored advice about getting or maintaining your pet at an ideal weight. All visitors to the ROYAL CANIN® Healthy Weight Check Corner will also receive a free gift!

Losing weight safely and keeping it off is a journey and for those who would like more information, Abbeycroft Vets, Northwich a ROYAL CANIN® Approved Weight Management Centre will be available in the ROYAL CANIN® Zone in their own marquee to offer further advice. They will also have a selection of ROYAL CANIN® Weight Management and Lifestage diets available to purchase.

The Dog Chill Zone

Sometimes all the excitement can get a bit much. If you or your dog need a moment to relax, why not visit the ROYAL CANIN® Chill Out  within the ROYAL CANIN® Zone, have a rest in the shade and a bowl of lovely cool water (glasses are available for humans!). There will be some activity booklets for the children to keep them entertained along with ROYAL CANIN® Weight Management Specialists who will be available to talk through Body Condition Scoring using a model dog if there’s not quite enough time for a personal Healthy Weight Check for your dog.  

ROYAL CANIN® wishes you and your dog’s a great day out! 


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17 & 18 JUNE 2017

We look forward to welcoming you to the ultimate day out for you and your dog.

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