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Dogs with Jobs

Brand new for 2017, DogFest welcomes Dogs Monthly's Dogs with Jobs! 

See fantastic and informative displays of working dogs, including police dogs, therapy pets, and even the working Newfoundlands. Not only will you be able to see these displays, but you will also be able to attend talks all about how these dogs are trained and what they do day-to-day. Learn more about a new subject as well as meeting these extraordinarily hard-working dogs.

Here’s some of the hardworking dogs that will be at DogFest this year!

Police Dogs  

German Shepherds have been used to help police apprehend suspects since the 1960s. They go through intense training to protect law enforcement, and help with tasks such as detecting criminal evidence, finding missing persons and sniffing out bombs, guns and drugs. 

Service Dogs

Service dogs include any training to assist someone with a disability, which can be physical, sensory, psychiatric, intellectual or mental. For example, the guide dog which helps those who are blind get around safely; hearing dogs that help the deaf or hard-of-hearing; or medical alert dogs that can sense an impending medical crisis such as a panic attack or seizure.

Therapy Dogs

Therapy dogs go through intense training to provide comfort to people in high-stress conditions. They are often placed in hospitals, nursing homes, schools and airports.

Search & Rescue Dogs

Search and rescue dogs assist in search efforts when someone goes lost or missing. They can help find people lost in the woods, elderly who wander away from their home and victims of accidents such as floods and fires.

Military Dogs

These dogs can serve as scouts, sentries, trackers and bomb detectors as well as helping to improve troop morale. Some dogs are outfitted with cameras and microphones to allow their handler to see and hear an area when they scout ahead. Costing thousands to train in their speciality, the care of these dogs is taken very seriously by the military.

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17 & 18 JUNE 2017

We look forward to welcoming you to the ultimate day out for you and your dog.

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