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ROYAL CANIN® Pet Healthy Weight Check

Welcome to the ROYAL CANIN® Zone which includes our extremely popular Pet Healthy Weight Checks. Within the ROYAL CANIN® Zone we will have a team of veterinary nurses offering dogs a Free Healthy Weight Check. This consists of having your dog weighed and the nurse showing you how to use a Body Condition Score Chart. This will enable you to determine whether your dog is at a healthy weight and shape. They will also be able to offer you advice about getting, or keeping, your pet at an ideal weight. All visitors to the ROYAL CANIN® Healthy Weight Check Corner will get a free gift and a voucher to use on ROYAL CANIN® food.

Losing weight safely and keeping it off is a journey, but for those who would like more information or wish to start their pet on a weight loss program on the day, Mimram Vets, Welwyn a ROYAL CANIN® Approved Weight Management Centre will be available in the ROYAL CANIN® Zone in their own marquee to offer further advice. They will also have a selection of ROYAL CANIN® Weight Management and Lifestage diets available to purchase.

Sometimes all the excitement can get a bit much. If you or your dog need a moment to chill, why not visit the ROYAL CANIN® Chill Out Area within the ROYAL CANIN® Zone, have a rest in the shade and a cool bowl of water (glasses are available for humans!). In this area ROYAL CANIN® Weight Management Specialists will also be available to talk through Body Condition Scoring using a model dog, in case you don’t have time on your busy day out to join the queues for one to one advice.

ROYAL CANIN® wishes you and your dog’s a great day out! 

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24 & 25 JUNE 2017

We look forward to welcoming you to the ultimate day out for you and your dog.
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